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Franck Andrianarivo Rakotobe: Research interests include Francophone Literatures and Cultures with a focus on the islands of the Indian Ocean (Madagascar, La Réunion, Maurice) in relation to the Caribbean; Colonial and Postcolonial studies; Film and Media studies. Awards: Laney Graduate School Fellowship (LGSF).

Jane Battisson: 19th & 20th century French Literature, Eastern and Western comparative literatures and religions, psychoanalysis, philosophy.

Hugo Bujon: 19th & 20th century french-speaking literature and philosophy, romanticism, surrealism, the notion of archetype, the subject & the structure, otherness, theory of "la relation", world creation/projection. Awards: Laney Graduate School Fellowship (LGSF).

Rose Gérazime:Postcolonial studies; French Caribbean literature; contemporary metropolitan French literature; African-American literature and culture.

Yazan Kamalulddin: Postcolonial studies. The Francophone literature of the Maghreb. The questions of migration, identity and belonging in the context of modern French Laïcité.

Christopher Moller: Interests include Francophone literature of Africa and the Americas, Postcolonial Gender and Sexuality, and exploring the implications of a Mother/Father tongue with a particular emphasis on Global French.

Manuela Ossa: Major interests include: Intersections between writing, the visual, and visuality in literature, theatrical writing and visual arts; 20th century avant-gardes; psychoanalytic theory; the notion of mother tongue in French theory and literature.

Nicolas Rémy: 20th century and contemporary literature; le naufrage de l'homme contemporain - Contemporary masculine identity crisis in 20th and 21st c. French and Francophone literature; male studies, cultural studies, gender studies, postcolonial studies. Focus on Houellebecq and Laferriere.

Eric Rottman: 20th century French thought, intellectual history and philosophy (Hadot, Derrida, Kofman, Gide). 

Erika Serrato: Research interests focus on Francophone Caribbean literature, especially concerning exchanges with Hispanic and Anglophone Caribbean authors via revolutionary poetics. Main questions concern what Édouard Glissant calls “l’Autre Amérique,” language, aesthetics, “l’entour,” and subjectivities. Awards: The Emory Graduate Diversity Fellowship (EGDF), The Thomas M. Hines Scholarship (2011-2012).

Angelica So: 20th and 21st century Francophone literature, Postcolonial Studies, Indochina. Awards and Grants: Laney Graduate School Fellowship (LGSF).

Jane Suh:19th & 20th century French literature, modern thought and psychoanalysis; la voix et l'identité; trauma theories; the other and the self; distortions, adaptations and fictions in translinguistics (within the utterance); narratives in various diasporas and erasure/loss in translation. Awards and Grants: The Emory Graduate Diversity Fellowship (EGDF), The Thomas M. Hines Scholarship.

Marion Tricoire: Translation studies and cultural translation, 19th century French Literature, publishing practices, trauma studies. Awards and Grants: George W. Woodruff Fellowship

Charly Verstraet:20th Century and Contemporary Literature; Francophone Literature of the Caribbean and the Maghreb; Postcolonial Studies; Subalternity studies; Eco-criticism; Awards and Grants: Laney Graduate School Fellowship (LGSF).

Julianna Watson: French and Francophone cinema, African literature, criminality, migration and diaspora studies, questions of citizenship and transnationalism.




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