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Dissertations Topics

(Dissertations in progress)

Rose Gerazime:  "Hauntings: Poétiqyes de la possession" (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Jane Suh:  Balzac’s Melancholia: Writing the Unconscious Loss (Prof. Claire Nouvet)

Julianna Blair Watson: Criminality in Transnational Francophone Migration Literature and Film (Prof Subha Xavier)


Nicolas Rémy: “L'homme en fuites” (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Eric Rottman:  “From Enkyklios Paideia to Wikipedia: Genealogies of Knowledge in French Encyclopedism(Profs. Vincent Bruyère and Dalia Judovitz)

Erika Serrato:  "Amerindian Memory and Native Resistance in Francophone Caribbean Literature" (Prof. Valérie Loichot)


Julie Gaillard:  "Deraillements du réel. La charnière du nom propre dans les oeuvres de Samuel Beckett, Édouard Levé, Renaud Cojo et Invader." (Prof. Claire Nouvet)

Gina Stamm: “Writing the Borderline: From Psychoanalysis to Literature” (Prof. Elissa Marder)


Bronwyn Averett: “Resurfacing: the Poetics of Water in African and Caribbean Literature” (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Souad Kherbi: “L’Oubli pour mémoire: l’expérience liminaire des non-lieux” (Prof. Claire Nouvet)

Kris Knisely:  “Language Learning and the Gendered Self:  Learner Identities and French Language Study in a U.S. Context”.  (Prof. Mei-Lin Chang)

Lauren Upadhyay"Ecrire le ravissement : élaboration du personnage dans Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein et Le Vice-Consul de Marguerite Duras".   (Profs. Claire Nouvet and Eric Le Calvez)


Robyn Banton: “From Convergence to Bullets: Artistic and Cultural Layering in the Works of Lalla Essaydi” (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Kathyrn E. Miner:Death Grip: Psychoanalysis and the Severed Hand in French Literature” (Prof. Elissa Marder)

Lovia Mondésir: “Théâtres de la nation: Révolutions et sexualités chez Marie Chauvet, Maryse Condé et Édouard Glissant” (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Gina Westbeld Gallois:  “Original Copies: Rousseau, Laclos, Stendhal” (Prof. Geoffrey Bennington)


Abbey Carrico:  “Pour une écopoétique de l'eau dans les oeuvres de Gustave Flaubert et de Guy de Maupassant.” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Marilène Haroux:  “Jules Michelet, Romain Rolland, et Pascal Quignard ou les ombres du temps” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Anna Igou:  “Dangerous Appetites: Violent Consumption in the Works of Flaubert, Baudelaire and Césaire”(Profs. Philippe Bonnefis and Valérie Loichot)

Margaret Keneman:  “Poetry, Politics, and Pedagogy: Defining and Developing Critical Literacies in Intermediate-Level College French” (Profs. Valérie Loichot and Hiram Maxim)
Starra Priestaf: “Ruptures in Address:   the Letter as Technical Device in the Works of Guilleragues, Sevigné, and Lafayette.” (Prof. Dalia Judovitz)


Audrey Magré Burba:  “Styling the Spectacle of Death:  Women and Esthetics of the Morbid in the 19th Century French Novel” (Prof. Elissa Marder)

Thomas Dupuis:  “Littérature et masturbation” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Scott Pyle:  “Bestiality, Sexuality, Aggression:  The Track of the Werewolf in French Literature,” (Prof. Elissa Marder)
Gehane Shehata:  “Proust et Flaubert: Echos et Métamorphoses” (Profs. Geoffrey Bennington and Philippe Bonnefis)


Amin Erfani:  “Breath and Whisper: the “Theatrical” Writings of Beckett, Koltès, Novarina and Derrida” (Profs. Geoffrey Bennington and Claire Nouvet)

Severine Piot Vogel:  “Teaching Grammar Through Cultural Presentations: Investigating the Effects of a Guided Inductive and a Deductive Approach on the Learning of Grammar and Cultural Content in Intermediate-Level College French” (Prof. Carol Herron)

Eva Yampolsky:  “Monstrous Mediations: the Figures of the Multiple in the Works of Guy de Maupassant” (Prof. Elissa Marder)


Jenny Davis Barnett:  “The Dangerous Act of Seeing:  The Role of the Gaze in Maurice Scève’s 1544 Délie” (Prof. Kevin Corrigan)

Erica Dotson:  “The Effects of Deductive and Guided Inductive Approaches on the Learning of Grammar in an Advanced College French Course” (Prof. Carol Herron)

Noëlle Giguere:  “Writing the Unseen:  Envisioning the Face in the Works of Marguerite Duras and Hélène Cixous” (Prof. Elissa Marder)

Naïma Hachad:  “Corps et corpus bilinques d’Abdelkébir Khatibi et Abdelfattah Kilito” (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Julia House:  “Written in Blood: The Murder Narrative and the Crime of the Papin Sisters”  (Prof. Candace Lang)

Michael Kazanjian: “Portraiture as Frame and Portal in La Bruyère” (Prof. Dalia Judovitz )

2008- 2009

Olivia Choplin:  “Staging the Psyche: Representing the “Other Scene” in the Theater of Michel Tremblay, Marie Ndiaye, and Wajdi Mouawad”(Prof. Elissa Marder)

Kelly Davidson: “The Effects of Using Video Advance Organizers on Listening Performance and Cultural Learning in the Elementary Foreign Language Classroom.”  (Prof. Carol Herron)

Lucie Knight:  “Violent Legacies:  Family and Nation in post 1990’s Algerian Literature” (Prof. Valérie Loichot)

Domenica Newell-Amato:  “To Speak or Not to Speak?:  Postcolonial Readings of Silence in Racine’s Theater”  (Profs. Dalia Judovitz and Valérie Loichot)

Christopher Treadwell:  “Le lisible et l’illisible:  réflexion et métatextualité chez Beckett, Camus et Merleau-Ponty” (Prof. Geoffrey Bennington)


Carrie Haight:  “The Effects of Guided Inductive, Deductive, and Garden Path Instructional Approaches and Techniques on the Learning of Grammatical Patterns and Deviations in the Beginning-Level Foreign Language Classroom.” (Prof. Carol Herron)

Blandine Mitaut: “Lait rouge, sang noir:  figures de la nourrice dans l’oeuvre de Pascal Quignard” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Madeline Pampel:  “Les ombres éclairantes:  Francis Ponge et Eugène de Kermadec, histoire d’un compagnonnage” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Jennifer Svienty:  “Distorted Images and Disjunctive Selves:  Claude Cahun in Transformation” (Prof. Dalia Judovitz)

Katherine Wickhorst:  “Découvertes et limites: entre la subjectivité et la représentation chez Maupassant, Zola, et Rimbaud” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)


Adrienne Angelo:  “Erotobiography:  Scripting Woman’s Identity in Post-1980 French Fiction” (Profs. Candace Lang and Elissa Marder)

Lilia Coropceanu: “Faber suae fortunae: l’autoformation du sujet dans l’oeuvre de Lafayette, Marivaux, Stendhal” (Prof. Dalia Judovitz)

Lara Eastburn: “Translating Bodies: Sacred, Maternal, Voice” (Profs. Dalia Judovitz and Philippe Bonnefis)

Karl Pollin:  “Alfred Jarry:  l’expérimentation du singulier (Profs. Claire Nouvet and Geoffrey Bennington)


Stéphanie Boulard:  “Ecrire, dessiner, penser le monstre dans l’oeuvre de Victor Hugo” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Ann McCullough: “Coerced Witness:  Suffering and Resistance in Medieval Literature” (Prof. Claire Nouvet)

Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson:  “To Teach or not to Teach in the Target Language Only?  The Effect of Target Language Only and Code-Switching on the Grammatical Performance of Elementary Level French Students” (Prof. Carol Herron)


Gilles Glacet:  “Francis Ponge horloger” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Michael Johnson:  “The Letter Killeth:  Rhetoric of Sodomy in De Planctu Naturae, Roman de la Rose, and Roman de Silence” (Profs. Claire Nouvet and Mark Jordan)


Nicole Mills:  “Self-Efficacy of College Intermediate French Students:  Relation to Motivation, Achievement, and Proficiency.” (Prof. Carol Herron)


Paul Linden:  “Voice and Witnessing in Agrippa d’Aubigné’s Les Tragiques” (Profs. Dalia Judovitz and Yvan Bamps)

Aymeric Glacet:  “Claude Simon Chronophotographe” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Kristina Watkins-Mormino: “Behind the Veil: Envisioning Virginity in Old French Hagiography” (Prof. Claire Nouvet)


Louise Barry:  “Reflections of Versailles: Literature in the Gardens of the Sun King” (Prof. Dalia Judovitz)

Cathleen Corrie:  “Antithesis and Oxymoron in the Works of Marguerite de Navarre” (Profs. Yvan Bamps and Claire Nouvet)

Sebastien Dubreil:  “An Empirical Investigation on Using Video and the Internet to Teach Culture in the Intermediate-level Foreign Language Classroom” (Prof. Carol Herron)

Milo Sweedler:  “Significant Others:  Bataille, Blanchot, Laure, Leiris” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Heather Willis-Allen:  “Does Study Abroad Make a Difference?  An Empirical Study of Linguistic and Motivational Outcomes” (Prof. Carol Herron)

Scott Shinabargar:  “Torche:  Poetic Intensity (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)


André Benhaïm:  “Visages de Proust” (Prof. Philippe Bonnefis)

Zrinka Stahuljak:  “Bloodless Genealogies:  Incest, Parracide and Female Excision in the Literature and Iconography of the French Twelfth Century (Prof. Claire Nouvet)





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