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Jane M. BattissonPhD CandidateFrench


Jane M. Battisson is a Perry Fellow and PhD candidate in the department of French and Italian at Emory University. Her dissertation, directed by Dr. Claire Nouvet, and titled The Self in the Middle: Transitional Spaces in Michaux, Jourdan, and Cheng, centers on the problematics of the self. She reads the ways in which French authors Henri Michaux, Pierre-Albert Jourdan, and François Cheng deploy textual transitional spaces in their respective quests to surpass a limited and limiting self. Their shared project of breaking the limits of the ego is not merely a destructive operation, for it leads, in each case, to the opening of a complex transitional space between the inner and outer world as well as between self and other. Moving beyond a certain conception of the self as ego entails denouncing the fallacy of dualism, whereby the ego closed onto itself would be originally given as separate from the other or the outer world. These writers each highlight in their own singular way a third and constitutive space of intersubjectivity, which predates the separation of self/other, inner/outer as two seemingly distinctive, separate, self-enclosed entities.

Other research interests include 19th, 20th, and 21st century French Literature, Eastern and Western comparative literatures and religions, philosophy of mind, and psychoanalytic theory.