French Graduate Handbook (for students joining the program after August 2017)
Please consult the French Ph.D. Handbook for more information.

Laney Graduate School Catalog
The Laney Graduate School Catalog contains detailed information about the Laney Graduate School and its programs. In addition it provides information about housing, university and graduate school policies, admissions, financial information, degree requirements, program descriptions, and a list of University trustees and administrators.
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Laney Graduate School Handbook
The Laney Graduate School Handbook contains information you will find helpful throughout the course of your graduate student career at Emory. Topics covered in the handbook include admissions and enrollment procedures, tuition and fees, merit awards and financial aid, registration procedures, degree program requirements, standards of academic performance and conduct, grievance procedures, guidelines for submitting theses and dissertations, graduate school and university services, and various Graduate School and Emory University policies and regulations. click here

Graduate Student PDS Handbook 2019-20:


For further information please visit the Laney Graduate School website:http://www.gs.emory.edu