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Jane M. BattissonVisiting Assistant ProfessorFrench


PhD in French, Emory University, 2021, certificates in Psychoanalytic Studies and Comparative Literature



Jane M. Battisson, (PhD in French, Emory University, 2021). 19th - 21st Century French and Francophone Literature, Ecocriticism, Ontology, Eastern Philosophies, Psychoanalysis.

Jane M. Battisson’s research examines the conceptions of self, subjectivity, nature, and the environment, with a focus on how they interrelate and inform both human and non-human relations. She is currently writing an article about Pierre-Albert Jourdan and his project of breaking down the limits that the ego erects around itself. She argues that his project of surpassing the confines of the ego is not a destructive operation, for it leads to the opening of a complex space between inner and outer worlds. She suggests that nature, the space within which he meditates, opens up a space of interconnectivity that he reproduces in his texts to create a new poetics, an in-between space within which to dwell.