Sophia Minnillo

2020 ECLC Excellence in Language Studies Award Recipient


One of my fondest memories from my French major at Emory was assisting Dr. Marion Tricoire in teaching French through the Bureau d’accueil et d’accompagnement des migrants (BAAM) in Paris. This opportunity allowed me to apply my coursework and research on language pedagogy to serve a wonderful cause. I also met incredible people from around the world, and the program led me to see Paris beyond the 15e arrondissement. Thank you, Department of French & Italian, for a wonderful four years!


 Dear Sophia,

What a joy it's been getting to know you and learn together over the past year. We are so, so proud of all you've accomplished in your language studies and can't wait to see where your graduate work will take you! Wishing you many more adventures in language!

 Avec toutes mes amitiés,

Dr. Mendes