Mia Singer


The French department at Emory was a home that I did not anticipate finding, but quickly fell in love with. After deciding to major in French my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to travel abroad with Madame Dana and Madame Coropceanu during the summer EDUCO program. This experience, where I was able to live and learn in the heart of French history grew my appreciation for the culture, the food, and most importantly my education in French. Studying a language within this special, interdisciplinary French department, has enabled me to think differently, expand my knowledge, and critically strive to improve as a lifelong learner.



Quelques vers de Rilke pour vous accompagner quand vous écrirez des poèmes.

« Or, un arbre monta, pur élan, de lui-même.

Orphée chante ! Quel arbre dans l’oreille !

Et tout se tut. Mais ce silence était

lui-même un renouveau : signes, métamorphose… »

Félicitations et continuez à écrire,

Dr. Dana