Shelby Walia


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study French at Emory. Every professor I have had in the French department has supported me and given me knowledge that I will always value. I am especially grateful to Dr. Nouvet and Dr. Coropceanu, who gave me the opportunity to present my essay at the French Undergraduate Colloquium. I really enjoyed all the French courses I have taken and I will always be grateful for the experiences I had!


Chère Shelby,

D'abord je t'ai vu discrète, réservée. Puis j'ai découvert que tu incarnes l'expression "méfiez-vous de l'eau qui dort". Ta curiosité, ton intelligence, et ta générosité sont sans égales.

Je sais que nous n'avons pas fini d'entendre parler de toi,

French Doctoral student Hugo Bujon