Francesca Rossi


"I ended up minoring in Italian because I found the classes so enjoyable and refreshing, and having them as a constant in my semesters made me so happy. The professors I had, Christine, Angela, Judy and Professor Waters, were the kindest, most approachable and invested professors I had at Emory. I definitely grew attached to the department and it will be something I will miss greatly!"

Carissima Francesca, 

I am so proud of you and honored to have had you as a student. You always impress me with your hard work, talent for languages, and beautiful way of interacting with the world. You are a joy to teach and such a wonderful person.  I’m proud of you and I’ll miss you. Much love and congratulations!

- Christine  

Let's start by saying that I will sincerely miss you, Francesca. Your enthusiasm and passion for Italian language and culture are inspiring. Whenever I would begin my lesson, I knew I could count on you to make it interesting. You are the kind of person who makes a difference because when you commit to something, you put yourself into it. I remember how touched you were by Dr. Franck Houndjahoue’s visit when he shared with us his experience working with the Italian NGO Emergency. I can see you embracing projects of this caliber and doing it successfully because of your qualities and passion. Thank you for choosing to share your time at Emory with us.

"I diritti degli uomini devono essere di tutti gli uomini, proprio di tutti, sennò chiamateli privilegi" Gino Strada, Founder of NGO Emergency.

- Angela

Dear Francesca,

As I think about what to say, I realize how difficult it is. You were one of my very first students at Emory, in my first class that I taught here. Seeing you grow and develop a passion for something that I love dearly has been a blessing. I was fortunate to have you again in my Love and Sex seminar, and your presence only made that class even better. I wish you success and much happiness, and I look forward to hearing from you again!

- Garrett