Gabriel Murdoch-Morales



I still remember the first day I met you at Emory Orientation and your enthusiasm to continue studying Italian. You kept your enthusiasm for Italian language and culture for the four years at Emory and you also were able to combine your interest in Sustainable Food and Business. Thank you for being a great teaching assistant with the Sustainable Food Fair course. It was a pleasure to have organized the Food fair with you. Congratulations on completing your majors in Italian Studies and Business.

- Simona

Gabriel, I remember your first year at Emory and the beginning of your journey into Italian language and culture. I was fortunate to have you in my class during your senior year and see how much you have grown intellectually and as a person. Keep on cultivating your creativity, love of literature, and writing because I promise you, it will serve you well in your future career, be it in business or any other field. I wish you all the best, you deserve it.

“Umana cosa è aver compassione degli afflitti: e come che a ciascuna persona stea bene, a coloro è massimamente richiesto, li quali già hanno di conforto avuto mestiere, et hannol trovato in alcuni” Giovanni Boccaccio, Decameron

- Angela