Information on the general College requirements for the Honors Program is located in the College catalog.


  • The student must be a major in Italian Studies and must have completed their third-year courses by the end of their junior year.
  • The student must have a cumulative average of 3.65. Exceptions to the 3.65 average requirements may be made by the Honors Committee in individual cases upon recommendation by the program faculty.
  • As the major is in Italian Studies if appropriate the honors requirements must be conducted in collaboration with the student's other major department. Generally, the graduate methods course or seminar, which is highly encouraged, is conducted in the partner department.
  • The student must obtain the approval of both the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian Studies and the faculty member from the partner department who will co-direct the Honors Thesis.



(a) Two semesters of Honors Directed Studies

  1. Italian 495A (Research)
  2. Italian 495B (Writing)
    Both courses will count towards the major.

(b) Successful completion of the Honors Thesis

(c) Successful completion of an examination, written and/or oral, covering the honors work, including the thesis, will be given during the final semester of Honor's program. The panel of three examiners is chosen in conjunction with the student's Honors advisors and shall include one examiner from outside the department.

Graduation with Honors (3.65 GPA minimum)

The degree of Honors (Honors, cum laude; High Honors magna cum laude; or Highest Honors, summa cum laude) will be decided by the examiners in accordance with College policy (see College catalog for details)

Other Honors

Sigma chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the national Romance language honor society, was installed at Emory in 1930.

Faculty Contact:
Dr. Simona Muratore
Emory University
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