Italian Minor

minor.jpgItalian Studies is an interdisciplinary program whose focus is the study of Italy from a multifaceted perspective: literary, cultural, historical, artistic, philosophical and political. It includes courses whose primary objective is to acquaint students with Italy as a vital contributor to world intellectual and cultural history, and also to inform them regarding Italy's role in today's world.


A minor in Italian Studies requires taking four courses, after successfully completing Italian 101 and 102, six courses including 101 and 102. Any substitutions must be discussed with the program director.

There are two ways to plan a minor in Italian Studies:

  1. With an increased focus on Italian language, requiring six courses conducted in language. The six courses typically are:
    1. Ital 101/102 pre-requisites
    2. Ital 201/202; plus
    3. Ital 301/302
  2. With a focus on Italian culture, requiring four courses conducted in language and the two culture courses may be taken in English. The four courses in Italian language typically are:
    1. Ital 101/102 pre-requisites
    2. Ital 201/202; plus
    3. two further courses must be taken on topics of Italian culture.

Participation in the Italian Studies summer program satisfies these two courses and is highly recommended.

Courses from various majors that typically offer classes related to Italy and Italian studies, may be considered for this requirement. As the course offering of each department varies considerably from semester to semester, you must submit ¿ via email - any course you believe satisfies the these requirements to the attention of the program director for written approval prior to taking the course. Approval after the course has already been taken is rarely granted.

Faculty Contact:
Dr. Simona Muratore
Emory University
Callaway Center N412