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French Class of 2021

Seraphina Cooley Headshot
Seraphina Cooley
French Major
Maggie Fagan Headshot
Maggie Fagan
French Major
Vivian Huang Headshot
Vivian Huang
French Major
Thao Lam Headshot
Thao Lam
French Major
Diana Lobaton Headshot
Diana Lobaton
French Major
Kailey Nelson Headshot
Kailey Nelson
French Major

Félicitations to all of our graduating majors, also including:

Zahra R. Adamjee                                 
Miriam Cherribi                   
Carolina Jaime Chinchilla                   
Shih-Chen (Noelle) Huang         
Christopher James                                 
Adrienne Lodise                            
Franklin Nossiter     
Luka Pierce                             
Xuanqiao (Carol) Tang         
Michelle Wang