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Study Abroad

Students in French or Italian are strongly urged to study abroad. Department advisors are available to aid students in selecting and applying to the appropriate Emory programs. 

Summer in Paris

Students can study in Paris in the summer and earn eight semester credit hours. Please see Summer in Paris link above for more information.

Semester or Academic Year in Paris: EDUCO

For French students interested in spending a semester or year in Paris, please see the EDUCO link above. Students enrolled in this program may choose from a wide array of classes and disciplines taught at the EDUCO center and at the University of Paris I, IV (Sorbonne) and VII.  Selected students may also study at the renowned Institut des Sciences Politiques. EDUCO is a consortium of Emory, Duke, Cornell, and Tulane Universities. For information: EDUCO consortium

Study in Italy

Students interested in studying in Italy, have several options. Please refer to the Italian Studies website for information. Click here.

Information about all these programs, as well as application procedures and deadlines, may be found on the Emory College Study Abroad website.


Please Note: Non-Emory Programs and Exceptional Cases
The Department of French and Italian will give credits toward the French major or minor only for classes taken in one of our study abroad programs. However, students with a compelling reason to enroll in an advanced and specialized program of studies with classes not offered by any of our study abroad programs may petition for an exception to the rule. In all cases, students must consult with the study abroad advisor for the appropriate language to determine what courses taken abroad may count toward the major or minor.




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