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Chad Córdova

Assistant Professor, French

Department of French and Italian
North Callaway Center 411


Chad Córdova (PhD, Princeton, 2018) works on literature, philosophy, and the arts in early modern and 20th-century France. His other interests include: psychoanalysis, continental thought, and media studies. 

He is currently pursuing two long-term research projects. The first, stemming from his PhD thesis, studies early modern French critiques of cultural and philosophical humanism, and explores how these critiques – and the notions of subjectivity, literature, and aesthetics they develop – might shed new light on major developments in 20th-century French thought. 

The second project is a genealogy – beginning in 16th- and 17th-century France – of modern ideas and images of melancholy and depression, especially in medicine, psychoanalysis, visual arts, philosophy, and poetry.  

Recent publications:

2019: (forthcoming) “‘Mais ôtez leur divertissement, vous les verrez sécher d’ennui’: Pascal and the Pictorial Tradition of Melancholy” – Papers on French Seventeenth Century Literature

2017: “Pascal and Melancholy,” Modern Intellectual History (November, 2017), 1-35:

2012: “Merleau-Ponty and Cézanne: Describing and Painting Existence,” Circé. Histoires, Cultures & Sociétés, 1 (2012):