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Vincent Bruyère

Assistant Professor, French

Director of Graduate Studies

Department of French and Italian

North Callaway Center 404A



Vincent Bruyère , Assistant Professor (Ph.D. in French Studies, University of Warwick, UK.)

Professor Bruyère's first book, La différence francophone – Jean Léry à Patrick Chamoiseau, was published in 2012 with Rennes University Press in France. His primary research focus is on the French Americas, and on questions of research ethics in historiography and health sciences.  His articles have been published in journals such as L'Esprit Createur and Intermedialites.  In 2012, he was a visiting fellow of the Humanities Research Centre at the Australian National University.

Recent Publications and Papers -- Ongoing Projects
- On Hold: Stills from the Exhausting Present [Book Manuscript]
“Étude littéraires et écologie du minoritaire,” Francophonies d’Amérique 36 (2014) [Forthcoming]
- “Penser les humanités médicales entre culture littéraire et culture de la vie,” Esprit Créateur. 54.3 (2014): 106-117. Special Issue “La pensée littéraire/Thinking Literature,” edited by Oana Panaite.
- “Paroles en l’air : Climate Change and the Science of Fables,” Diacritics 41.3 (2013) [2014]: 60-79. Special issue on Climate Change Criticism edited by Karen Pinkus.
- “Medical Humanities in the Exhausting Present,” Networking Humanities Lecture Series, University of Southern California, April 3, 2014.





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