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French Interdisciplinary Track (FIT)

The French Interdisciplinary Track (FIT) is a new concentration within the French major designed to provide double majors with a creative way of making connections between their various intellectual and professional interests. Its aim is to provide students with critical tools to enhance their ability to reflect on issues of cultural and methodological diversity and think differently about potential transfers of knowledge between fields and traditions.

For students who declare a French Interdisciplinary Track within the French major, requirements are as follows:

I. Introductory/Preparatory Level
Both of the following are required:

  • French 310 Writing in French (in French)
  • French 314 What is interpretation? (in French)

II. Intermediate Level
Any 3 of the following courses are required. None of these courses may be repeated:

  • 1x300 level courses in French [312, 313, 331, 351, 391]
  • 1x300-level course from another department. [in English]
  • 1xFR341- Intersections [in English]*

III. Advanced Level
Any 3 of the following 400-level courses are required:

  • 1xFR471-Topics in French and Francophone Thought. [in English]**
  • 1xFR 488 or FR460 [in French]
  • 1xFR497R: Interdisciplinary Capstone Project [in English or French***


*FREN 341 (Intersections) is the gateway course into the FIT concentration. This course focuses on intersections between French and Francophone Studies with another field or discipline such as, health, history, law, art history, religion, psychoanalysis, anthropology, environmental studies, etc… It makes use of a variety of texts and cultural artifacts that provide evidence pertinent to the topic in question, ranging from maps, films, photographs, journalism, legal documents, medical histories, architectural plans, to literary and theoretical texts.

**FREN 471 (Topics in French and Francophone Thought) Taught in English, this course examines major French and Francophone intellectual developments, theoretical paradigms and critical methodologies.

***FREN 497R (Interdisciplinary Capstone Project) Conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor, this capstone project enables a student with a French Interdisciplinary Track to articulate the intellectual challenge of navigating between two disciplines, methodologies, or fieldworks. It is to be noted that FR497R is a Capstone course and not an Honors project, or an Honors thesis. The FIT student wishing to complete an Honors Project will have to take FR490 in addition to FR497R.

For more information please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Coropceanu (



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