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Lyna Ami AliPhD StudentFrench


Lyna Ami Ali is a 3rd year PhD student in the Department of French and Italian at Emory University. She holds a BA in Economics and English, two Master's in English linguistics from the Sorbonne and the ENS and one master's in French and Francophone studies from Miami University. Her research interests include Caribbean and North-African literature, and more precisely the motif of errancy as a mode of knowing through cultural transfers and identity mirages. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Psychoanalysis. She is the recipient of the Laney Graduate School Fellowship.


CPGE HEC, Paris 5ème
M.A, English literature, civilization and linguistics, La Sorbonne (Paris IV)
M.A, French and Francophone literature, Miami University, Ohio
M.A, English studies, linguistics and didactics, ENS Cachan