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Geoffrey BenningtonAsa G. Candler Professor of Modern French ThoughtFrench & Comparative Literature


DPhil. in French, Oxford University, 1984


Geoffrey Bennington, Asa G. Candler Professor of Modern French Thought (DPhil. in French, Oxford University, 1984). Modern French Literature and Thought, Eighteenth Century Novel, Literary Theory, Deconstruction.

Author of Scatter 2: Politics in Deconstruction (2021); Kant on the Frontier: Philosophy, Politics, and the Ends of the Earth (2017); Scatter I: The Politics of Politics in Foucault, Heidegger, and Derrida (2016); Géographie et autres lectures (2011); Not Half No End: Militantly Melancholic Essays in Memory of Jacques Derrida (2010); Deconstruction is Not What You Think (ebook, 2005); Other Analyses: Reading Philosophy (ebook, 2005); Open Book/Livre ouvert (ebook, 2005); Late Lyotard (ebook; 2005); Frontiers (Kant, Hegel, Frege, Wittgenstein) (ebook, 2003); [all ebooks also available in print from Amazon]; Interrupting Derrida (2000); Frontières kantiennes (2000), Legislations: the Politics of Deconstruction (1995), Jacques Derrida (with Jacques Derrida) (1991); Dudding: des noms de Rousseau (1991); Lyotard: Writing the Event (1988); Sententiousness and the Novel (1985). Translator of works by Derrida, Lyotard and other French thinkers; author of over 130 essays published as chapters in edited collections, or as articles in journals including Diacritics, Le contretemps, French Studies, Journal of the British Society for PhenomenologyOxford Literary Review, Paragraph, Parallax, Poétique, Ratio. Member of the French editorial team preparing Jacques Derrida's seminars (about 40 volumes) for publication (Editions Galilée, Editions du Seuil), and General Editor with Peggy Kamuf of the English translation of those seminars (University of Chicago Press). Currently completing a book of essays in the wake of the Scatter project, entitled Down to Dust, and a monograph on the German philologist Paul Friedländer’s disagreement with Heidegger over the interpretation of the Greek aletheia.


Scatter book cover Deconstruction is not what you think coverKant Not Hald No End