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Summer in France

Summer in Paris

The Emory in France Summer Program, under the auspices of the Department of French and Italian, offers intensive linguistic and cultural study in Paris. Students live with French families accustomed to welcoming American guests. Curriculum, housing arrangements, and excursions are designed to build proficiency in French and to increase knowledge of French customs and institutions.

This popular five-week program is usually held from the beginning of June through the first week of July. Students from majors other than French as well as students who have not declared their majors are eligible to participate.

Credits & Course Selection

Students can study in Paris in the summer and earn eight semester credit hours. The course of study is on intermediate and advanced levels. All students are required to select two courses for eight semester hours of credit. The French classes are taught only in French. Please note: FR312 and FR488 count toward the French major and minor at Emory. All courses fulfill the Emory College Language Requirement.

Course Descriptions

FR205 Practical Conversation
A course to help develop fluency in the spoken language through discussion of contemporary issues in French culture. Newspaper articles, magazine selections and brief essays form the content of the course. (Faculty: Emory) Prerequisite: 1 year (2 semesters) of French. 4 credit hours.

FR213 Exploring the Cultural Unknown
This intermediate-level course gives students the opportunity to further develop proficiency in four language skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing acquired during the first year of language study - while exploring aspects of French and Francophone cultures of the 21st century. Prerequisite: 1 year (2 semesters) of French. 4 credit hours.

FR312 French History
The course will examine French civilization as seen in its art, architecture, institutions and life styles. Teacher-guided visits of historical sites and monuments supplement this course. (Faculty: Emory) Prerequisite: 3 semesters or more of French. 4 credit hours.

FR488 French Theatre
Readings, discussion, and attendance at several plays currently on the Parisian stage will focus on the specific nature of the dramatic text and its relation to performance. (Faculty: Emory) Prerequisite: completion of French 310W. 4 credit hours.

Daily Schedule

French classes meet Monday through Friday from 10AM to 12PM. All extracurricular activities (described below) take place on weekdays (with the exception of the Chartres/Loire Valley excursion). Classes are held at 214 Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris.

Extracurricular Activities

All students in the Paris Program participate in:

  • a weekend excursion to Chartres and to the castles of the Loire Valley (hotels and meals included)
  • one afternoon excursion per week in Paris to include some major tourist attractions
  • a day in Giverny including a visit to Claude Monet’s house and gardens
  • a day in Versailles including a visit to the Palace of Versailles and Versailles gardens
  • several evenings at the theatre and/or the ballet



Applications for admission are available online at Emory Study Abroad. All applicants must submit an Emory Summer Study Abroad application, with a $350 deposit (nonrefundable if accepted) to the Emory College Study Abroad. This deposit will be applied to the total program cost. The application deadline is usually February 15th. Applications will be processed as they are received, and students will be notified as soon as possible. If spaces remain, late applications will be considered.

Program Fees

Program cost includes fees for eight semester credit hours, health and accident insurance (duration of program), accommodations, and two meals daily. Also includes evenings at the theatre or ballet, field trips in Paris, a weekend excursion to Chartres and the Loire Valley, and one-day excursions to Versailles and to Giverny. The cost of summer 2019 program can be viewed online.

Financial Aid

All Emory students, who qualify, are considered by the Office of Financial Aid for a summer aid award after the student has registered for classes. Emory Courtesy Scholarships are applicable to Emory Study Abroad. Non-Emory students do not qualify for Emory financial aid, but they may wish to inquire at their own institutions regarding financial aid.