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Elinore DarziPhD StudentFrench


Elinore Darzi is a third year PhD student in the Department of French and Italian.

Her research interests focus primarily on ethics, aesthetics, psychoanalysis, and contemporary French thought, particularly that of Jean François Lyotard, Simone Weil, Emmanuel Levinas, and Jacques Derrida. More specifically, she is interested in liminal mental states, and through notions of language and testimony, she aims to write how their intersect between aesthetics and ethics. Along with her readings in philosophy she researches these moments in the arts, mainly in literature, photography and performance. 

She holds a MA in philosophy from Tel Aviv University, where her thesis was dedicated to love and ethics in the thought of Simone Weil and Emanuel Levinas, as well as a BA from the Marc Rich Honours program in the Humanities and the Arts at TAU. 

She published numerous essays in artist books and catalogues and curated and produced exhibitions in Israel, Europe and America. 

She is the recipient of the Laney Graduate School Fellowship.