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Study in Italy

Summer 2022 Italian Studies Summer Award

 The Italian studies program is able to provide one or two scholarships this summer to eligible students from Emory University who would like to participate in the Bologna Summer Program.  

 The scholarship is for students taking either intermediate or advanced Italian courses. Recipients are selected on the basis of (1) financial need, (2) academic merit, and (3) strength of application and recommendation.  Italian majors and minors will receive preference. For your application to be considered, you must complete the program application through the Study Abroad website and be accepted into the program. Once you are deemed eligible, you may send to the Italian Summer Abroad Program Director/s a 250-word essay describing how you believe the program in Bologna will benefit you on a personal, professional, and scholarly basis. Please be sure to let us know a bit about your qualifications for this scholarship based on the three categories listed above. Thank you so much.


Beginning the summer of 2019, Emory’s Italian Studies Program will be offering a language-intensive summer program for 25 students in Bologna with two Italian Studies professors. As a student you will be able to complete your language requirement while abroad or continue your Italian language studies. Excursions, dinners, and cultural immersion are just some of the opportunities you will experience.

Bologna is in northern Italy in the Po River Valley, housed between Florence and Venice. This extraordinary medieval city is known for its terra-cotta buildings as well as its porticos and cuisine. Bologna began as a pre-Roman Etruscan town and many of the museums and buildings in the town’s historic center are vestiges of this heritage.

Classes are located in the center of Bologna, which ranks as one of the best cities in Italy as far as quality of life is concerned. Bologna is not a tourist center.  For this reason, the location is the perfect place for you to experience authentic Italian life and have quality experiences with the inhabitants of Bologna, including the many university students who live in this city.

Established in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest in the western world as well as one of the largest in Italy. Bologna is the seventh most populous city in Italy and a third of its population is composed of students.

Program Language Tracks

There are two ways to study language and culture during our program abroad:

  1. Italian 110 Intensive Elementary Italian, 8 credits
  2. Italian 205 Practical Conversation in Italian, 4 credits, and Italian 372 Italian Culture in Italian, 4 credits, for a total of 8 credits.

Prerequisites for the program

Our program is open to all Emory students and students from other institutions. There are no prerequisites. However, if you wish to take the Italian 205 and Italian 372 combination rather than the beginning eight-credit immersion class, you will need to have completed at least two semesters of Italian language before enrolling. You must have a 2.5 GPA to apply and attend a pre-program orientation.

Benefits of the Program

  • Dorm housing in Italian neighborhood with Italian and European students and many modern conveniences
  • Weekly excursions to Florence, Rome, Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, and Bologna
  • Language and culture immersion opportunities
  • Possibility to fulfill language GER or enroll in writing, HAP, and HAL courses
  • Houses oldest university in Europe
  • A cultural, historical, intellectual and artistic epicenter
  • Home of exquisite cuisine

Semester Study in Roma, Milano, and Arezzo

  1. The I.E.S. Roma full immersion program offers a challenging work and study opportunity in Italian workplaces and at an Italian university along with the chance to complete the immersion by living with an Italian family. This option is reserved for Italian Studies majors or minors.
  2. For culturally motivated students who have little Italian language knowledge, Emory offers the I.E.S. in Roma program. This is appropriate for students interested in studying the social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and religion but prefer to do so in English. A newly reorganized program, located on the Tiber River in the heart of downtown Rome, Italian homestay opportunities, as well as internship opportunities, make the I.ES. Roma program a highly recommended authentic study opportunity in Italy.
  3. The I.E.S. Milan program is the only semester program not having a one-semester language pre-requirement. I.E.S. programs in both Roma and Milano are highly recommended for their pedagogically serious language courses as well as authentic immersion into Italian academic realities. Students may integrate a course or two from the famous Milanese universities of La Cattolica and Bocconi. The Milano program in particular is our second most effective full-immersion program and is highly recommended for students serious about learning the language but still needing to transfer college courses in English. Students make take courses in the social sciences, business, humanities, performance music and music, and fine arts.

Both I.E.S. programs are highly recommended for Italian Studies majors and minors.

NB: As of Fall 2006, only courses taken on Italian Studies semester/summer programs in Italy may apply towards major or minor credit. No credit is granted for non-Italian Studies programs.  Please contact program director with any questions.

Angela Porcarelli Headshot

Faculty Contact

Angela Porcarelli
Senior Lecturer
North Callaway Center N414

Office for International and Summer Programs

For further information regarding Italian Studies programs in Italy, please visit the OISP site. The Office for International and Summer Programs (OISP) is dedicated to fulfilling Emory College's commitment to internationalization through study abroad. In collaboration with Emory faculty, OISP develops, promotes, and administers programming for undergraduate students that encourages both intellectual and personal growth through challenging scholarship and cultural immersion. Its services support students and faculty before, during, and after the study abroad experience in order to ensure that study abroad is an essential part of an Emory College education.