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Alicia RodriguezPhD CandidateFrench


Alicia Doyen-Rodríguez is a 6th year PhD candidate in the French and Italian Department at Emory. Within the field of Francophone Studies, she specialises in Caribbean and Women-authored literature. Her dissertation “Women in Motion: Remapping Francophone Narratives in a Digital Space” focuses on the relationship between bodies, and specifically female bodies, and space in the novel. Her chapter “Cyclones, Cycles, and Spirals – Storm, Sex, and Spaces of Resistance in Gisèle Pineau’s "L’Espérance-macadam,” published in “Reimagining Resistance in Gisèle Pineau’s works” Ed. Lisa Connell and Delphine Gras, offers an account of “cyclonic space” as a key to renegotiate power dynamics and reconstruct women’s public and private spaces in the novel.

As a Digital Humanities scholar, she thinks, writes and teaches using digital mapping, text mining, and database building practices. Her digital approach to literary analysis has been presented in several venues including the MLA, HASTAC Digital Fridays, DEFcon annual meeting and SAMLA. For the last three years, she has been working as a Digital Scholarship Assistant at the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship, and she took part in the data sourcing and management of the Open World Atlanta’s project. During her time as a Digital Ethnic Futures Consortium mentor, she was involved in the curriculum design of an AAPI history/ digital methodology course.

In September 2022, thanks to a Fox Center / HASTAC Fellowship, Alicia created a hybrid exhibition, “Guy Gabon: Empreintes d’art dans la ville,” in collaboration with Guadeloupe-based visual artist and eco-designer Guy Gabon in the city of Pointe-à-Pitre. The exhibition sheds light on the environmental crisis urgency and the importance of public-facing art to raise awareness on the matter.